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The Consortium recognizes that WSIS declaration and UN WGIG report emphasize the importance of multilingualism of the Internet, and we firmly believe that no one in the world should be prevented from benefiting the joy and the wealth of the Internet information on the basis of their own native language.

Now, to meet the demands of times and execute our belief, the consortium has resolutely arisen to meet the challenges. Our vision is to realize the genuine Information Society wherein Internet is readily available and easily accessible by anyone and anywhere at any time. As the first symbolic step toward our vision, the consortium will promote the global distribution and implementation of "Keyword Lookup" which will enable the people to use Internet identifier in their own language and script. We affirm that the Internet identifier in a native language is the very upfront gateway for equal access to information and knowledge-based communities.

To reach our vision effectively, the consortium will use a systematic approach through collective input, cooperative participation, and mobilization of synergy. The consortium, like other bodies, will also strongly support the principal of WSIS; transparency, democracy, and multilateralism, and employ the principal throughout the entire course of its activities.

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