How we are organized
How we function
Core value statements
Position statement
BOD members and Secretariat
The BoD meetings are the core decision making body, so despite the multinational locations of residences, the Board of Directors meets regularly on a quarterly basis and more if needed.

The General Assembly meets once a year to exchange ideas, discuss issues, presents research or project assessment and/or results, and decide on issues endowed to the General Assembly. This General Assembly meeting occurs towards the end of the fourth quarter in order to accommodate the Chairman's annual finance and strategy report.

This consortium, through its vast network deeply rooted all over the world, will sponsor and/or organize in partnership with ongoing globally functioning Internet forums, conferences, and conventions. The intent is to run a one-day workshop presenting and training the Identifiers that would promote and enhance the use of Native Languages in the Internet.

All these efforts and coordination are for the two large tasks: first, to establish a sound set of policies for multilingual Internet and second, to continuously improve upon the technical infra. These on-going progresses will be a substantial input to the current ICT effort led by United Nations.

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