How we are organized
How we function
Core value statements
Position statement
BOD members and Secretariat
Simply, you can look at this organization like a 4-Tier bulls-eye formation. The outer layer comprises of observers and non-active participants; those who are interested in the issue and follow the topic but not actively involved directly.

The third layer represents the members of the consortium. Briefly, members are those who are actively contributing to the purposes and operation of the organization as well as working actively in the realm of multilingualism. They are the General Assembly body who plays a vital role in the shaping and moving of the Global Exchanges of ideas and techniques.

The second layer represents the office of the secretariat where the Executive Officer supports the Board of Directors and especially, the Chairman's endeavors. In this office, other officers and staff exist to form an effective team.

The center of the bulls-eye, is set for the Board of Directors; those who are the day-to-day leaders and decision makers of the organization.

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