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We are from different countries with different culture, language, background, and environment. Our blood is different, but we share every bit of this world as we breathe and as our hearts beat to the rhythm of our intertwined lives.

In today¡¯s vast and complex world of 6.5 Billion people speaking over 150 official languages and 3,000+ dialects, the value of inter and trans national and regional communication, connection, networking, and sharing is inevitable and necessary means. Our coexistence must not be defined by narrowing down the communication method, but rather, by opening up more ways to communicate. In the heart of the ongoing international and intergovernmental efforts, the issue of Multilingualism has surfaced as a key issue to address the concerns of numerous countries who fear that Internet will be dominate in a language that is neither their own nor officially widely spoken natively around the world.This consortium was established by those who could envision the state of a genuine Information Society where Internet is easily accessible and available.
Such state cannot come about unless and foremost the language barrier is overcome. By promoting the Native Language Internet, whether it is a solution, a service, technology, and/or a product, this consortium labor in unison to bring recognition in the need of global awareness of this human element that must be Trans-implemented in the process of developing a better Internet world.

We know that this journey is an uphill struggle, but nothing worthwhile is ever easy.

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